Our Story

Behind Celeste® Australia is Viv and her family.

Viv completed a degree in Business and worked for big companies in Corporate Communications and Customer Relations but decided to leave and stay home for her children.

Celeste Australia, an Australian made skincare brand she started, is dedicated to clean beauty using all-natural, vegan, organic ingredients making it a non-toxic skincare.

The range was founded from a journey in finding solution for acne due to hormonal imbalance and stress.

Viv was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and dealt with PND twice. While recovering, one of the issues addressed were self-care and letting go of the luxury skincare collections she always loved, disappointed that most of them contains toxic chemicals that have been linked to have hormone disrupting effects.

Choosing natural healthier lifestyle, including self-care and non-toxic products in skincare and at home, Celeste® Australia was born.

Viv also believes that beauty is inclusive - not defined by perfection. But instead, it is found in kindness, confidence and inclusivity.


Photo by YD Studios