"I came to a point where acne and stress became so overwhelming that I do not want to go out and my mental health was deeply affected."-Viv


Viv's love for skincare started as a young teenager battling acne. Then upgraded to luxury brands after completing Uni. All along, she thought that the standard of feminine beauty is wearing make-up, flawless skin, staying skinny and being young.

From a teenager to a woman in her 40s, what makes today different is, as she age and became a mum, the awareness that beauty is being uniquely you and achieving a "Healthy Skin, instead of Perfect Skin'.

She struggled with acne for a long time. And wanted to share the progress she has made to others who are suffering the same.

She no longer need to cover her acne with make up and get anxious thinking if she had cared enough for herself especially after having children.

Viv is a PND (Postnatal Depression) survivor and believes that self-care is a huge factor that helped her - the little moments of skincare routine made her overwhelming world a little lighter.

"Skincare and Self-care are never about trying to ‘fix or iron out’ imperfections or vanity. We should start caring for ourselves as this is a major component for mental health." -Viv

Celeste Australia was founded with a vision in having a range of skincare available for those whose skin barrier were damaged, struggling with acne and dull/ageing skin while their mental health is also compromised.

With Celeste, our goal is to 'Restore' your skin's natural barrier and then work on getting your skin 'Glowing' again.