What's in a name?

Celeste, means 'heavenly'. We all want a 'heavenly, dreamy skin'.

However our goal, with Celeste is not perfect skin but 'healthy skin'.

And we start by rebuilding the skin's natural barrier - those that were affected by too much exfoliation, stress, UV exposure and hormonal imbalance.

All our products are Australian Made and Owned and believe in supporting local economy by producing our skincare onshore.

We are Mental Health Advocate building a community of women empowering each other, inspiring Self-care, as it is a major component of mental wellness.

We are about 'Celeste' (heavenly), kind, eco-conscious, natural beauty.


Natural Ingredients

Nature plays a big role in our skincare formulation. Plants contains compounds that works well in synergy with each other. It is almost impossible for synthetic ingredients to mimic such complex combination. Our skincare range uses natural potent ingredients that are incredibly effective on skin.


No Parabens or SLS/Nothing Synthetic or Artificial 

SLS is a chemical foaming agent and Parabens extend the shelf life of products. Our products contains none of these and are made in small batch sizes so you will always receive them fresh and have not been sitting on a shelf for long periods.



We love our paw friends! Our products are not tested on any of them.


Eco-Conscious & Sustainable 

Don't stress, our bottles and jar are recyclable. We have also decided not to have individual boxes for each of our products to help lessen the impact on our environment.

#ItStartsWithUs #SmallChoicesBigChanges



Taking care of yourself physically and mentally and loving yourself unapologetically, both are necessary to a healthy, happy lifestyle. 


Made in Australia

We are a small business in Yarra Ranges, Victoria and our products are lovingly made in Australia.

#SupportSmallBusiness #SupportLocalEconomy #MeetsAustralianStandards