What is Skin Reset?

Reset, yes we hear this as a 'technical' term.

But what really is skin reset? In skincare we know this as 'skin detox'. This is like removing all grimes, junk and clogs in our pores. When our skin is clogged, our skin is inflammed and that's when we started having breakouts and acne.

Here are the signs you need a skin reset:

Stress - Naturally, when we are stressed, our body produce extra hormones and hormones produce a sticky oil that contribute in clogging where dead skin cells are trapped.

Sebum- this is natural oil from our bodies but if it is too much, it leads to clogged pores.

Too Long Routine - Have you find yourself overwhelmed with the list of products you think you need to put on? Or too tired to clean your skin at night because of too many products? That's when you need to stop and get a skin reset.

Simplifying skincare is helpful. Life is complicated already, why make your skincare routine the same?