The Problem With Product Overload

With the trends in skincare now, it is not a surprise if you feel the pressure of buying 'what's in' in skincare. 

It is worth checking the impact of adding trendy products to address skin care concerns. We may be spending enormous amount of money and also damaging our skin and skin barrier.

Simplyfying our skincare routine, stripping all the additional products and paying attention to what is causing your skin to react are some of the ways to help your skin be in it's normal reset stage. Take note that skin resets every 28 days, it gets slower as we age though.

If you have a sensitive/oily/blemish-prone/redness prone skin, a gel-based cleanser, gentle exfoliant-mask, niacinamide serum and mid-weight moisturiser is a simple routine.

For those with dry, dull, mature skin, you may replace the gel to balm cleanser and add the Vitamin C serum at night time.